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10/17/2003 04:39 PM

Plasti-clip's Fold•2•Hold

Dear Valued Customers,

I, Daniel Faneuf President of Plasti-clip, received a "Summons in a Civil Case" today concerning it's Fold-2-Hold™ sign holder clip. Fasteners For Retail, Inc. (FFR) is claiming Patent infringement and Trade Mark infringement (Fold-N-Hold®) among other allegations. This comes to us as no surprise as a number of our distributors have informed me of FFR's aggressions to stop any competition in this market segment. One of which will not purchase from us because of FFR's intimidation. I want to assure Plasti-clip's consumers that Plasti-clip has invested well in a "...Confidential Opinion of Counsel..." (a detailed 63 page report I may make public on this site), it advises Plasti-clip "that your proposed new clip does not infringe any valid claim of the '803 Patent" (bold and underlining added for emphasis). To me, this is a very clear and concise case... please do not let FFR aggressions paralyze you from a purchase. We must all take responsibility and put a stop to these kind of business bullying ethics.

I hope to hear from you, email me at dan@plasticlip.com  with any support, comments or suggestions.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Faneuf - President

Plasti-clip Corporation


P.S. A United States Patent is a stepping-stone to further develop technology, not a business tool to be misused by dominant businesses.

Revised 10/21/03

11/04/03 8:00 PM

To everyone who has emailed and called... a deep hearted THANK YOU! Your support has been overwhelmingly helpful. As of today, Plasti-clip has two, possibly three companies standing by us to help.

I met with our corporate attorney's today to begin reviewing our many options. I will keep you posted to further developments.

In the mean time, I would like to hear (dan@plasticlip.com) from any other individuals or companies that have been sued or threatened to be sued (in their or their attorney's opinion, misappropriated) by FFr.

Also, in your opinion,  do you find Plasti-clip's ad to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or deceive you in any way as to who the manufacturer/seller is? Email a YES Vote  Email a NO Vote 

Thank you again,

Daniel Faneuf - President

Plasti-clip Corporation

11/20/03 6:00 PM

November 17th, FFr's council refused ALL settlement proposals offered by Plasti-clip's corporate attorney in a faxed letter stating "...it is difficult for our client to trust your client as its president, Mr. Faneuf, keeps issuing press releases via Plasti-clip Corporation's web site, www.plasticlip.com, disparaging our client." Further stating, "In sum, the president of your client appears to be a 'loose cannon' and FFR sees no reason to work with him."

hmmmm.... I wonder why?

Today I answered their complaint, VIA Fax, and filed counterclaims.

Daniel Faneuf - President

Plasti-clip Corporation

01/27/04 4:00 PM

Great news for Plasti-clip and it's customers!

Plasti-Clip was notified on January 23, 2004 that its insurance carrier (Sentry Insurance... plug, plug) would defend/prosecute this case with new counsel of its own choosing.

Daniel Faneuf - President

Plasti-clip Corporation

07/21/04 3:15 PM

Well it is over. Our insurance carriers attorney advised me that the insurance would only cover the Trade Mark infringement and not the Patent infringement portion which could cost an estimate of $100,000 - $200,000 or more to defend! Plasti-clip does not have adequate Fold-2-Hold sales and is not in the financial position to absorb those legal fees.

Effective Immediately:

 Plasti-clip will not be offering this product for sale as it can not afford the legal expenses to defend the infringement suit brought on by FFR. Their heavy handed, unethical business practices have once again prevailed.


Again, thank you for your support.

Daniel Faneuf - President

Plasti-clip Corporation

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