Plasti-clip Service Bureau Pricing Schedule.

Prices below include - Full color printing on one side of card. May include variable data, photos, logos, barcode, and signatures.


Quantity of Cards (P/N:EZID)

Cost (Per Card)

5-9 $5.42
10-19 2.71
20-59 2.08
60-99 1.60
100-299 1.33
300-499 1.11
500-999 .77
1000-1999 .59
2000-2499 .54

One Time ID Template Set-up Charge: $40.00 (Includes one revision if necessary.)


Additional Card Options (Per Card)

Option / P/N (#)

Cost (Per Card)

Second Side Printing - Black Only #EZID-SB


Second Side Printing - Full Color #EZID-SC 1.00
Magnetic Stripe Encoding #EZID-M 0.40
Bar Code on Back #EZID-B 0.20
Adhesive Backed Card - Single Side #EZID-AB 0.40
Single Sided Monochrome #EZID-SM 4.00
Smart chip Encoding N/A
Slot Punching #CODE 5(Short Side), #CODE 8 (Long Side) 0.10
*Lamination - Single Side #EZID-LS 0.40
*Lamination - Second Side #EZID-LSS 0.20

*Lamination considerably increases card life - by 2 to 5 additional years

when compared to non-laminated cards under similar conditions.


Additional Accessories (Per Card)


Cost (Per Card)

Uni-clip® All Plastic Delrin Badge Clip #201


Uni-clip® All Plastic Soft Badge Clip #202


Metal Clip w/Clear Vinyl Strap #970B


Neck Chain Nickel Plated 30" #930


Badge Holder Clear Vinyl w/ Metal Clip Horizontal Top Load #870H-CT


Badge Holder Clear Vinyl w/ Metal Clip Vertical Top Load #870V-CT


3/8" Flat Cord Lanyard "Breakaway"

w/Plastic Hook/Metal Swivel Hook/Metal Bull Dog Clip #1040H/S/C-xx

Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green or Blue


For all your ID Accessories & Supplies check our "Identification Products" index.



Asure ID Connect™ is the revolutionary FREE photo ID software that allows businesses to easily design their own photo ID cards and have them sent via the Internet to Plasti-clip's Authorized Service Bureau  in a “ready to print” format.



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Rev. 08/24/2005